SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, HAWAII (Feb. 12, 2015) -- Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno hosted a town hall meeting with Soldiers, civilians and family members of U.S. Army Hawaii, or USARHAW, at the Smith Theater here, Feb. 12.

Odierno addressed USARHAW Soldiers with an overview of the Army's future and stressed the importance of the mission in the Pacific theater.

"The work that you are doing here is very important, specifically the 25th Infantry Division," Odierno said. "You provide us the capability to respond in a variety of ways. Whether it's humanitarian assistance, response to disasters or responding to an unforeseen threat."

Tropic Lightning Soldiers were concerned with how the downsizing of forces and numerous budget cuts will effect future operations of the force.

"We have an environment that's decreasing our budget and that's a problem we have to continue to deal with," Odierno said. "I have to make sure we develop the best Army possible within the means that we are given."

Odierno said each of our services brings unique capabilities to the fight but the strength of our Army is with the U.S. Soldier. Competent, committed Soldiers with a character living the Army values ensure the trust of the American people.

"Our dependence is on Soldiers," Odierno said. "We are about delivering human capacity to solve problems around the world."

The chief of staff also emphasized the importance of leader development.

"The one advantage I believe we have over other countries is our leaders," Odierno said. "We can't rest on where we are today; we have to continue to increase the capabilities of our non-commissioned officers and officers."

"It's our responsibility to develop Soldiers in such a way that they are capable [of] solving complex problem on the ground," Odierno said.