BAMBERG, Germany - Some of the most difficult injuries to overcome are the emotional scars from physical damage.

Long after the body has healed, the mind continues to experience the pain and the stress that accompany the injury. Even in cases where the body was damaged during a recreational sport or during a training accident, the mind and emotions must re-adjust to the limitations that arise from the injury.

There are many who have sustained relatively minor injuries to the body, but because their injury prevents them from doing physical things or continuing with their chosen career, they begin to have difficulties in other areas of their life.

These aspects of the injury cannot be overcome with physical therapy. They must be explored through various counseling techniques. Unfortunately, some people still balk at the idea of getting counseling and therapy. To help such individuals, sometimes the key is just giving them the tools to help themselves.

Military Family Life consultants visited Soldiers from the Bamberg Warrior Transition Unit at Bamberg's Community Library to give them a few tools to aid them in their recovery.

"We talk about how creativity and imagination help Soldiers to take care of themselves, and we provide tools to help them do that," said the two Family Life consultants, who requested that their names not be used due to counseling guidance.

These tools include art as therapy as well as a series of questions that help Soldiers explore who they are as a person. A critical part of their helping these Soldiers overcome the fear of facing their demons is in allowing them to get help in a somewhat anonymous way.

Although the Soldiers may learn the name of the Family Life Consultant during their counseling session, consultants do not generally share their name with the public and they frequently rotate to other military posts. This enables Soldiers to feel more relaxed because they don't constantly worry about bumping into the person who knows all their "issues" at the grocery store or gas station.

Although this day was dedicated to learning how to cope with emotional issues, the Bamberg Community Library offers Bamberg Wounded Warriors helpful tools every month to help them readjust to their injuries.

For example, in September the library hosted a Healthy Cook-Off for WTU Soldiers. They and their families were invited to bring a healthy dish for dinner and provide the recipe. At the end of the evening, everyone had shared healthy food, friendship and recipes. All part of the healing process.