Dear Neighbor:

I am writing to follow-up on the actions taken in response to concerns expressed at the recent Monterey Town Hall meeting of Wednesday, 21 January 2015. I recognize the inconvenience inherent to living in close proximity of an active military installation and I am committed to reducing the impact on the daily lives of those in the surrounding community. I want to assure you that I take your concerns seriously and have taken action to address them within my authority.

Blocking driveways and intersections during the morning rush is clearly not acceptable. Parking on city streets impacts the availability of parking for local residents. We continue to work in concert with the City of Monterey Traffic Engineers to implement control measures and continually monitor the effectiveness of these measures.

Although forced to work within available resourcing, innovative efforts have led to improved processing times at the gates. High Street Gate has been reopened during rush hour to reduce congestion on Franklin Street. Left turns are now prohibited from Bowen Street as it intersects with Franklin Street. U-turns are prohibited on Franklin Street. I have implemented controls within the gates to improve traffic flow onto the installation. Reporting times for the civilian staff are being staggered to reduce congestion during peak periods.

I have exercised every available communications avenue, to include social media, command channels, union representation, and public address to communicate to the workforce the importance of cooperating with the local community on these critical issues, encouraging their cooperation and support.

We continue to engage with the Monterey City staff to develop creative solutions. I look forward to furthering our long-standing relationship with the local community as we work with your city representatives to address these 'quality of life' issues into the future.


Paul W. Fellinger
Colonel, U.S. Army