SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii -- Driving at a safe speed is a matter of integrity.Take a STAND!Speeding is a matter of integrity."Last year, I rode the 'Road to Hana' on Maui. Along the way, there was an unattended fruit stand, with an honor box to pay for the items you took," said Bill Maxwell, safety specialist, Directorate of Installation Safety, U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii. "I could tell that the day's inventory was about half gone, and there was quite a bit of money in the honor box."This was an example of simple integrity in our modern 'trust no-one' age," he said."My daily commute brings me up Kunia Road from Waipahu. Every day I see someone speeding and passing a groups of cars," said James Winston, safety specialist, DIS, USAG-HI. "The speed is clearly posted, and many drivers are driving within the limit and are respectful of each other. But, a select few are clearly well outside of the law,"Is speeding an integrity issue?"Stealing is against the law, as is speeding. Is there a difference?" Maxwell questioned."Road speed limits are set by traffic engineers who take into account many variables: road width, turns, lines of sight, traffic volume and so on," said Maxwell. "The posted speed limit is designed to keep road users as safe as possible. This posted limit carries the weight of law. Each person cited for speeding has broken state law.""I define integrity as doing the right thing, even when no one is watching, but I think individual integrity can be influenced by culture," said Arnold Iaea, safety specialist, DIS, USAG-HI. "I think there is a culture out there that believes that speeding is accepted. But, this is a great place to Take a STAND! and do what's right."Do what's right! Drive within limits and talk to your friends and family about linking speeding with personal integrity. Take a STAND! in your own driving!When you talk to others about speeding, tell them that speeding is unacceptable.Take a STAND!