TORII STATION, Okinawa -- U.S. Army Garrison -- Okinawa hosted a farewell luncheon at Torii Station for the lady who pulls the purse strings here Jan. 23.Cynthia Walcott, Supervisory Budget Analyst, USAG -- Okinawa, has spent more than four years managing the budget here and has gained a reputation as a hard charger with a big smile."Cynthia Walcott is the resource manager that every commander wants to have," said Lt. Col. Eric Martinez, Commander. "She knows her business … she is honest up front and straight forward. She is passionate about her job, she follows up on her tasks and without a doubt, she will give you a full day of work," he said.Walcott, who arrived from Tucson, Ariz. In Aug., 2011, said Okinawa will leave a lasting impression as being both peaceful and friendly. The relationship that she has developed with the Japanese workforce here has been her most memorable experience and she highly recommends an overseas tour for her fellow Department of the Army civilians, she said."My tour in Okinawa has been quite fulfilling. It has allowed me to meet various people from every branch of the military," said Walcott. "I also enjoyed the various attractions located here in Okinawa. I could definitely see myself returning to Okinawa one day."While Walcott enjoyed her extracurricular activities on the island, she also enjoyed supporting Soldiers, Families and civilians at the Army's home on Okinawa and was instrumental in executing the commander's budget without any anti-deficiencies."The Army mission is vital in sustaining facilities and providing services to Soldiers, civilians and community as we remain resilient for challenges ahead," said Walcott.Filling Walcott's shoes will be a tough mission for USAG -- Okinawa, as she heads to her next assignment at Redstone Arsenal, Ala."We were very happy to have our own budget expert with us in Okinawa watching every move and keeping us on track," said Martinez. "Just to show how big her impact has been to the Garrison and to our community, last year alone she helped obligate close to $22 million -- a record for the Garrison [at] Okinawa."