What We Do

The Directorate of Information Management provides support to phones, computers, multi-functional copiers, SIPR token request and COMSEC assistance for units in the 99th region. We support mobile devices issued to selected 99th personnel.

For Help

The individual user is his/her own best initial support. If you are experiencing a computer problem, first turn the computer off, let it wait a minute or two, then turn it back on. If the problem persists, or if you are having other IT system problems, call the Enterprise help desk at 855-558-7272 or email them at https://esdhelp. While on this page you can also look at the notices to see if there are other failures common to yours that are already being worked.

Helpful Information

Each user must sign the USARC Form 75-R (Acceptable Use Policy), which explains what is allowed or prohibited on government information systems.

Each computer must have the USARC 'Network Incident Reporting Aid' posted prominently nearby. Computers and multi-functional copiers must all have USARC Label 4-R, 1 Jul 2010, attached to the machine. The label says, "This equipment will not be used with classified information. Telephones need to have DD Form 2056, May 2010, which says, "Do not discuss Classified information." Local reproduction is authorized.

In view of recent events (e.g., the CENTCOM social media hack) users must be alert and be their own first line of defense against hackers or OPSEC violations. For examples, be careful what you post on social media. Unless you are using official email and it is encrypted, do not send information such as a social security number. Never give out your password!