More than 40 employers will soon be on Fort Leonard Wood, ready to interview job seekers and even hire new employees on the spot, according to job-fair organizers.

"Transitioning from the military can be an uncertain time for our service members and Families. The Soldier for Life-Transition Assistance Program hiring fair can help prepare them for this next phase of their lives by having jobs waiting for them before their transition date," said Michael Martin, Military Personnel Division Directorate of Human Resources chief.

On Feb. 5, Nutter Field House will be filled with employers wanting to interview prospective employees from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

"There are many employers who want to hire veterans. Employers know that when they hire a veteran they will benefit from the professionalism, training and expertise the veteran developed during his or her military service," Martin said.

Employers at the event will be from several different industries, such as trucking, health care, law enforcement, retail sales, educational opportunities, educational instruction, finance/investment, insurance, state government, electronics, defense industry, agriculture, logistics, woodworking and waste management.

It will not be a traditional "job fair" where people typically get information on companies, but rather a "hiring fair" where people will be able to apply and interview for jobs, according to Martin.

"The SFL-TAP office has partnered with more than 40 employers who are actively seeking to hire veterans for their job vacancies, both locally and across the United States. The hiring fair process provides job seekers a direct pipeline to the employers and vacancies they are interested in," Martin said.

"Job seekers will be able to apply for jobs now, meet any pre-screening requirements ahead of time and then receive final interviews -- in many cases, receive job offers on Feb. 5. The hiring fair also provides a means for job seekers to potentially interview for multiple jobs all at one location: Nutter Field House," he added.

Next month's hiring fair is free and open to the public and employers.

"There are currently 41 employers scheduled to participate in the hiring fair who want to hire veterans for their 350 vacancies. These jobs encompass a wide variety of career paths, from law enforcement and truck drivers to biologists and chemists," Martin said.

Martin said the SFL-TAP office can provide information about employers and vacancies, as well as provide resumé assistance, prior to the hiring fair.

"Job seekers who are available to start work in the near term should begin their application process now, so that employers can conduct background checks, pre-screening, or preliminary interviews. For these job seekers, final interviews will occur during the hiring fair, and in many cases, they will be hired at the event," Martin said.

"Applying ahead of time is not required. Job seekers not already in the application process should bring their resumés with them to the hiring fair to provide to participating employers they are interested in. The right resumé may even result in an on-the-spot interview being provided at the hiring fair," he added.

The SFL-TAP office provides resumé training and assistance to transitioning service members. Service members and veterans are encouraged to contact SFL-TAP for information about this and other services that may be available to them.

Martin said job seekers should bring extra copies of their resumés and dress professionally for a business interview.

"A face-to-face meeting with any potential employer is the job seeker's opportunity to provide a lasting positive first impression," Martin said.

For more information about the hiring fair, call 573.596.0131, ext. 60135.

For help constructing a resumé, call the SFL-TAP center at 573.596.0131, ext. 60175.