Clear-thinking chaplain assistants look to the history of the Corps and the focus of its mission to strengthen and support Soldiers, Families, and Department of the Army (DA) Civilians while simultaneously preparing for the challenging operational environments of the future.As early as 1866, the Army determined that the chaplain needed a competent Soldier to assist him in his duties. It was knowledgeable, skillful and courageous soldiering that led to the establishment of our Career Management Field and remains the foundational characteristics of today's chaplain assistant.Chaplain assistants serve in a "stand alone" Career Management Field and provide critical support to the organizational mission. Teaming with chaplains, they provide religious support to Soldiers, Families, and DA Civilians in numerous operational environments across our nation and the world.In the coming years, more than ever, the Army will need strong chaplain assistants. Our veterans will soon experience the challenges of those who fought in Vietnam, but by remaining proactive and thorough; we can deliver the support that will positively impact thousands of lives.I need you to remember, apply, and act in accordance with our core competencies: nurture the living, care for the wounded, and honor the fallen. We do not need a new mission. We do need innovative, adaptive, and agile Soldiers willing to seek out and develop new ways to accomplish this mission. We just need to do IT…Our job.Taking care of Soldiers, Families, and DA Civilians within these core competencies is the answer. We must not limit our support just to intentionally religious programs, but instead, see how our competencies lead us to serve beyond the chapel walls and the Unit Ministry Team office. The Medal of Honor recipients in our Corps earned this recognition in the field and by being active in the lives of their formations and not by sitting in a chapel or behind a desk.I believe that anyone with the right talents can do anything if given a chance. There are multiple ways of achieving success. Keep in mind that, when on a team, your strengths may be more valuable then you realize. Our clear-thinking abilities do vary; therefore, patience is an essential trait of an effective team. How can the team benefit from your years of experience? How can this unexpected team below achieve success? A tidbit of advice to junior leaders in our Corps - as you look to shape yourselves for the future, BE you! Be the leader you were born to BE! KNOW duty and responsibility! DO your job! Take YOUR commitment, YOUR Charge, and YOUR mission seriously, but NEVER take yourself seriously for IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU! It is about OUR obligation.HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS!