Looking for career progression? Join the Civilian Expeditionary Workforce

By Rebecca Silvas, IMCOM Human ResourcesDecember 19, 2014

Looking for career progression? Join the Civilian Expeditionary Workforce
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Looking for career progression? Join the Civilian Expeditionary Workforce
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SAN ANTONIO (Dec. 7, 2014) -- With critical installation management vacancies in deployed locations open now, U.S. Army Installation Management Command employees have additional career development opportunities at their fingertips.

"No one knows installation management better than IMCOM," said Maj. Gen. Lawarren Patterson, IMCOM deputy commanding general for Operations and chief of staff. "It's the willingness of our employees to provide and manage support to Soldiers in deployed locations that sets this command apart as an enabler of readiness and premier support organization."

According to IMCOM leaders, there's an immediate need to fill about 23 vacancies that include positions in public works, administration, housing, construction, plumbing and operating forklifts. In the long term, the command hopes to develop a pool of applicants ready to serve at any location in The Army's Home.

The deployment experience allows civilians to use their capabilities, experience and knowledge to support crucial Department of Defense missions abroad. Deployable civilians are needed to serve as qualified volunteers to fill critical functions in Afghanistan and other locations across the globe -- everything from humanitarian aid and disaster relief to support infrastructure and contract management.

Volunteering to deploy gives civilian employees an extraordinary opportunity to broaden skills and expertise while directly supporting operations of national interest. As a deployee, you will live and serve on a variety of American bases and compounds with your military and government colleagues. Some of the locations will be quite austere and remote, and unlike any community back in the United States, contributing to the overall experience. You will receive training to help you prepare for living in-theater.

In addition to the experience you will gain from your deployment, you may be also eligible for a 35 percent post differential pay, 35 percent hazardous duty differential pay and significant overtime compensation in addition to base salary.

Supporting Soldiers, communities and national interests is what IMCOM is all about. Imagine being able to help the local community build hospitals and schools, bring electricity to a village and disperse disaster relief. Consider taking the next step in career development, and apply today.

The application process begins with filling out an Army Civilian Volunteer Request for Deployment form, found at http://cpol.army.mil/library/mobil/webforms/index-Army.html. Submit your completed form and resume to the HQ IMCOM deployment coordinator email address: usarmy.jbsa.imcom-hq.mbx.g1-civ-per@mail.mil. Please note that incomplete forms will NOT be considered.

Application Instructions:

Section 1: Completed by the employee

Section 2: Supervisor signature

Section 3: Garrison Commander, Region Director (region employees), Director (HQ Employees)

For additional information, please email usarmy.jbsa.imcom-hq.mbx.g1-civ-per@mail.mil or visit http://www.cpms.osd.mil/expeditionary/.

About the U.S. Army Installation Management Command:

IMCOM handles the day-to-day operations of U.S. Army installations around the globe -- We are the Army's Home. Army installations are communities that provide many of the same types of services expected from any small city. Fire, police, housing, and child-care are just some of the things IMCOM does in Army communities every day. Our professional workforce strives to deliver on the commitments of the Army Family Covenant, honor the sacrifices of military Families, and enable the Army Force Generation cycle.

Our vision: Innovative professionals committed to effectively delivering extraordinary services and facilities for our premier Army

Our mission: IMCOM delivers and integrates base support to enable readiness for a self-reliant and globally responsive all volunteer Army.

To learn more about IMCOM:

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