Fine-tuning of electronic offerings, including new computers, as well as other amenities available at the Fort McCoy Community Activity Center (CAC), building 2000, will make it one of the more-desirable places on post to pursue recreational activities.

Sheila Peterson, CAC manager, said the Post Library has eight new computers that will help troops connect with their family and friends, as well as the outside world. The computers also can be used by other authorized personnel to meet their recreational needs.

Mobilizing and demobilizing Soldiers who need access to computers to take military classes or conduct other official government business are referred to the Soldier Computer Centers in buildings 2711 and 2558.

The CAC also has purchased additional aircards for its laptop computers. Peterson said these items can be rented for use on or off site.

In addition to the computers, patrons will want to check out the upstairs movie/television room viewing area, which takes up space formerly occupied by the Arts and Crafts section.

"We have four (large-screen) TVs, which are hooked up independently, and can be used to view (from a comfortable couch setup) cable programming and/or movies," Peterson said. "Each television can be set to a different channel/activity to entertain (the different audiences)."

The area also hosts the movie nights, which begin at 6:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays and feature some of the latest Hollywood offerings. Peterson said during movie nights all of the televisions are set for the movies.

Also included in the former Arts and Crafts area is an X-BOX room, which has seven X-BOX 360 game systems available for use. These include various games and panoramic viewing opportunities.

Patrons also have a number of other activities available on site to keep themselves busy, such as exercise bicycles, music rooms, arcade games, ping-pong and billiards, and video rentals.

"We've had steady use of a lot of these items/activities," Peterson said. "Use of some of the items, such as the exercise bicycles, will pick up as the weather gets worse."

Most items can be used free on site. Charges may apply to some items used on or off site, such as laptop computers and air cards.

For more information about CAC offerings, call (608) 388-3213/2410/4161.