CAMP CASEY, - Approximately 500 Soldiers plus citizens of the Gangnam-gu (district) of Seoul celebrated two years of sisterhood between the Eighth U.S. Army and Gangnam-gu with an end-of year concert held Dec. 28.

The Gangnam-gu Symphony Orchestra played classical music pieces, selections from "West Side Story" and other favorite Korean and American songs such as "Arirang Variation" and "Auld Lang Syne," and at one point, Pvt. Keith Scott of A Battery, 1st Battalion, 15th Field Artillery, was invited on stage to act as conductor.

"I felt excited because I was in orchestra when I was in junior high school," Scott said. "The orchestral performance was my favorite part of today's concert."

Directly following the orchestra, members of the Samulnori team named Kwang Myung performed, playing traditional instruments, dancing and demonstrating acrobatic movements.

The concert closed with a medley of pop songs by local singer Yuri, and Gangnam-gu officials and citizens mingled with the Soldiers to offer greetings for the holidays.