To improve the Permanent Change of Station move process for military and Department of Defense civilian employees and their families, the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, or SDDC, utilize a personal property program called the Defense Personal Property Program,.

The DP3 focuses on meeting the needs of our military members and DOD civilian employees by promoting quality services.

SDDC is committed to providing an effective personal property moving program. To achieve an effective streamlined moving program customer feedback through the Defense Personal Property System or DPS is essential to improving this process.

DPS is a web-based, customer focused, streamlined system that continually assesses customer satisfaction. The Transportation Service Provider (your moving company) is graded on a "Best Value Score" methodology.

Your Feedback Matters

Once a PCS move is completed, the Customer Satisfaction Survey is completed to evaluate the performance and quality of the TSP. The survey also measures the quality of services provided by both the origin and destination Personal Property Shipping Offices.

The CSS applies to all domestic and international household goods shipments as well as all international unaccompanied baggage shipments. It provides worldwide customer opinions and feedback which is a crucial component of DP3. The results of the survey are provided to your TSP for their quality control efforts. Service member participation in the survey helps ensure that the quality of service will increase as carriers strive to improve their scores based on service member's feedback. Feedback will make a difference in the continued or discontinued use of a service provider.

The DP3 improves the benefits service members, civilian employees and their families receive placing emphasis on quality of service rendered by the carriers. The 12-question survey is quick and easy.

SDDC Moving Tips

The busiest time of the year for moving is the summer month between May and August and a successful move is not a matter of chance; it is the result of planning and proper preparation..

Once you receive your moving orders, immediately start your moving process by creating a personal move calendar with checklists, phone numbers and dates. Go to to start the process.

Accessing DPS can place you in direct contact with your commercial carriers. It is extremely important to keep all of your contact information updated.

Pack, pickup and delivery dates are scheduled on weekdays. You or your designated representative need to be available between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. You don't want to miss your moving dates as this will cause unnecessary hardship on everyone.

Remember, after your move is completed, take a few minutes to answer and submit the 12 question Customer Satisfaction Survey. By submitting your CSS, you play a large role in keeping quality movers in the program.

If you experience any technical problems with DPS system access, the SDDC Systems Response Center help desk is there to assist. Simply call 800- 462-2176 or 618-220-SDDC
(DSN 770-7332) or send an email message to

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