Off-post uniform wear
A Vicenza Military Community Soldier rides a motorcycle on Caserma Ederle. According to a new policy, Soldiers are no longer permitted to wear the uniform while riding, biking or walking off the installation. Dining off post and any non essential st... (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

VICENZA, Italy -- An updated U.S. Army Garrison Vicenza Operations Order was published this month detailing off post uniform wear for military personnel in the Vicenza and Darby Communities.

The recently published measures take effect immediately at U.S. Army installations within the Vicenza and Darby Military Communities.

Wear of the military uniform off post is prohibited for the following circumstances:

• While traveling via motorcycle/scooter, bicycle, or foot. Commanders will encourage personnel traveling on motorcycle/scooter, bicycle, or foot not to carry backpacks that readily convey DOD affiliation.

• While traveling on any form of public transportation, including taxis.

• While escorting children to/from or waiting at off-installation school bus stops.

• Stops at fast food restaurants, shopping areas or other public venues while in uniform.

• In public areas of hotels, such as breakfast or dining room, bar, or fitness rooms.

Wear of military uniform (including physical fitness and JROTC uniforms) when off U.S. or Host Nation installations is prohibited with the following exceptions:

• Direct travel between domicile and U.S. or HN installations only while traveling via an enclosed private, government, or rental vehicle.

• DOD personnel in off-installation hotels may wear uniforms when departing or arriving in an enclosed private, government, or rental vehicle.

• When in an enclosed private, government, or rental vehicle.

• During essential stops at public locations, such as gas stations or off-installation childcare facilities, is authorized during commutes. Dwell time should not exceed 10 minutes and stops should not be routine or predictable in nature.

• When representing the U.S. Military at an official HN function.

• While conducting military operations, training events, and exercises. Commanders should minimize uniform wear off U.S. or HN controlled areas when possible.

At no time will units conduct organized PT in Vicenza's historical Centro Storico, or old city center, downtown area, Monte Berico, Livorno Centro, and Pisa Centro downtown area.

These recommendations are not in response to a specific threat, but are due to force protection concerns throughout the European Command area of responsibility.

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