FORT BENNING, Ga., (Nov. 19, 2014) -- When Nashville trio Goodbye June writes a song or performs on stage, it's a special tribute to rock and roll and to honor the memory of a late Family member.

The band will be in Columbus for a live performance at 9 p.m. Nov. 22 at The Loft, bringing original songs from their debut album and introducing new music to their fans.

Three cousins, guitarist Tyler Baker, vocalist Brandon Qualkenbush and Landon Milbourn formed Goodbye June following the tragic death of Baker's brother in June 2005.

Pfc. Shane Baker was home on leave from the Army when he was involved in a fatal car accident.

"He had just bought a new car, and he had two weeks off and we were going to spend a lot of time together," Baker said. "He was one of a kind, an alpha male who loved doing physical things like boxing. He was a great role model for me."

Qualkenbush, Milbourn and the rest of the Family traveled to southern Indiana to comfort the Baker Family and pay their last respects. The band said writing songs and playing music during that time was a source of healing and revived an old passion within them.

"I think with all of us being Family and Tyler's brother passing away, it added that much more to what we had wanted to do for a long time," Milbourn said.

Over the next several months, the three spent time in Baker's basement writing original songs. They submitted their songs to a local studio to record jingles and radio commercials and recorded a demo.

"When people asked us what our band name would be, we thought it would be a great way to honor that time together," Baker said.

Growing up surrounded by influences of gospel, blues and country hymns, the band blended those sounds with their love for rock legends such as Led Zeppelin and Bob Dylan. After touring across the Midwest for three years, it was a move to Nashville in 2009 that would take Goodbye June to a new level in their career.

Their first album "Nor The Wild Music Flow" was released in June 2012, with debut music video Microscope featuring St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher and country star Steve Holy. In the fall of 2013, the band traveled on a six-week European tour through Germany, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Spain.

"We did 30 dates in 35 days - it was a blast," Baker said. "The reception for American rock bands in Europe is special and we had a great time. We made a ton of friends and fans that still contact us a year later. We hope to spend more time in Europe in 2015."

For now, Goodbye June is focused on writing songs each day in preparation for a new album with Grammy-nominated producer Paul Moak.

"The direction of our new music is more focused on rock and roll, it is more raw and focused," Qualkenbush said. "You can hear more ballads on our first album, but this time we're focused on up-tempo sounds. We want people to know we are a rock and roll band."

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