CAMP STRYKER, Iraq (Army News Service, Jan. 17, 2007) - While 10th Mountain Division Soldiers participate in counterinsurgency missions, others in the 2nd Brigade Combat Team are contributing from behind the scenes.

The 210th Brigade Support Battalion's armament repair section is helping ensure Iraqi Army troops have the tools to complete their mission. In addition to repairing and modifying weapons systems for the brigade, the armament Soldiers are repairing weapons for use by Iraqi soldiers.

To date, the team has inspected 170 enemy weapons seized by the brigade's maneuver units, repaired more than 40, and re-issued more than 70 back to the Iraqi Army and its special forces units.

The project, which helps ensure the Iraqi Army is armed to defend themselves against insurgents, will continue to grow in magnitude as more enemy weapons are captured throughout the brigade's area of operations, said Chief Warrant Officer Christopher Shaffer, a 210th BSB armament repair technician.

"My Soldiers are really working hard to complete this mission in addition to their normal job repairing weapons for the brigade," said Shaffer. "We have a small section, but they do an amazing job with the resources they have to work with."

"We're focusing our efforts forward," added 210th BSB Commander Lt. Col. Brian Rogers. "This is the critical year in Iraq, and the 'Provider Battalion' is going to make a difference."