Army Sustainment Command-Army Reserve Element Soldiers provided valuable support during a Network Integration Evaluation exercise, Oct. 9 -- Nov. 2, across three locations in the U.S. Southwest.

ASC-ARE supported the Brigade Modernization Command, 407th Army Field Support Brigade at Fort Hood, Texas; Army Field Support Battalion-Bliss and Army Materiel Command's Network Integration Evaluation Plans and Operations Cell at Fort Bliss, Texas, and the Logistics Readiness Center at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.

ASC-ARE Soldier, Lt. Col. Brian McNulty, attached to the 407th AFSB as a multi-functional logistics action officer, supported the exercise by providing operational oversight for the 407th AFSB headquarters at Fort Hood.

ASC-ARE Soldiers commanded a simulation brigade at Fort Bliss that was crucial to feeding data during simulated and live exercises for units testing and evaluating new systems in the field.

They also supported the Logistics Readiness Center at White Sands Missile Range by providing logistics support to units testing and evaluating new equipment systems; running re-fueling operations, providing power generation repair, and conducting supply operations.

The Soldiers represented the ASC-ARE headquarters and detachments and the Army Reserve Sustainment Command at several different locations including Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois; Davenport, Iowa; Fort Hood, Texas; Fort Bragg, North Carolina; and Birmingham, Alabama.

ASC-ARE is part of the U.S. Army Sustainment Command, both headquartered at Rock Island Arsenal. ASC's mission is to provide globally responsive strategic logistics capability and materiel readiness to enable combatant commanders to conduct the full range of military operations.