Bugle calls return to APG
Soldiers render honors as the flag is lowered during Retreat. All APG drivers - service members and civilians - will be expected to stop and render honors during Reveille and Retreat in accordance with AR 600-25 when bugle calls return to APG startin... (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. - After a five-year hiatus, bugle calls will return to APG Nov. 8.

Bugle calls, including Reveille and Retreat, are musical signals that announce scheduled and certain non-scheduled Army events. The calls are normal procedure for many Army installations.

"Reveille and Retreat are part of a long-standing Army tradition," said Garrison Commander Col. Gregory McClinton.

"Raising and lowering the flag each day and rendering honors to the flag and our nation is an important part of the Army culture, and the Senior Commander felt it was important to reestablish this tradition on APG," McClinton said.

APG will use a tiered approach to help familiarize bugle calls to civilians and military personnel who arrived at APG within the past five years or have not previously served at another Army installation.

Considered an official ceremony by regulation, the return of bugle calls to APG will require special procedures for both military and civilian personnel. Soldiers and civilians who are outdoors during bugle calls are expected to halt all activities and render honors to the flag until the music ceases.

Bugle calls will begin on both APG North (Aberdeen) and APG South (Edgewood) Nov. 8. During the first week of bugle calls, from Nov. 8-16, individuals will not be required to halt activities and render honors. The first week will serve as time for Team APG to become familiar with the calls.

Reveille will be played every day at 6 a.m. and is approximately 30 seconds long. Traditionally, it serves as a signal to troops to awaken for morning roll call. It is used to accompany the raising of the National Colors, the American Flag.

Retreat will be played every day at 5 p.m., signaling the end of the official day. Retreat will be directly followed by To The Color, which renders honors to the nation and commands all the same courtesies as the National Anthem. Together, the two calls are approximately one minute long and are used to accompany the lowering of the American flag.

Taps, the last bugle call of the day, will played each evening at 10 p.m. It signals that all unauthorized lights are to be extinguished. Taps is approximately one minute long.

Music will be played in the vicinity of Bldgs. 4312, 328, 2522 and 3660 on APG North and Bldgs. E1936, E3330, E2100, and E4900 on APG South, but may be heard from areas across the installation.

Starting Nov. 17, military and civilian personnel are expected to follow the guidelines outlined in Army Regulation 600-25 for courtesies to be rendered during Reveille, Retreat, To The Color and Taps. See the table to the right for exact guidelines.

These courtesies include facing the American flag, if it is in view. There are three American Flags flown on APG: in front of RDECOM Headquarters and CECOM Headquarters on APG North and at McBride Field on APG South. If a flag is not in view, individuals should face the direction of the music.

During bugle calls, activity at installation access points will cease. Traffic will not be permitted to enter the installation until the bugle call is over.

For vehicles already driving on post during bugle calls, it will be APG's policy to require all drivers to come to a complete stop and put the vehicle in park.

Military personnel are expected to then exit their vehicle and render honors. Civilians are to stay in their vehicle but remain quiet and respectful.

There may be some confusion for drivers, as Reveille and Retreat may not be heard over a vehicle's radio. If you see the vehicle in front of you slow and come to a complete stop, that may serve as a clue that a bugle call is playing. Roll down the window or turn off the radio to confirm a bugle call is playing, and then follow the proper courtesies.

All drivers on APG are urged to be observant and follow the guidelines outlined above to avoid potential safety issues as Soldiers exit their vehicles on roadways.

Military flag details will raise the flag at CECOM Headquarters and at McBride Field starting Nov. 25 during Reveille, and will lower the flag during Retreat and To the Color. The flag will remain raised on weekends, federal holidays, and military training holidays.

For more information about the return of bugle calls on APG, contact Clint Zaengle at 410-278-4500.