On Veterans Day, we pause to honor and remember the men and women who
have served during war and peace, defending our country and the American way of life.
As a Nation, we must never forget the debt we owe them for securing the many
freedoms we often take for granted.

The volunteer Army is our Nation's strength. Past and present, our Soldiers
represent the honor, courage and commitment to serve that befits the profession of
arms. Soldiers who are serving and those who have served in the Active or Reserve
Components are Soldiers for Life, permanent members of America's Army. Whether in
Normandy or Okinawa, Korea or Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq or elsewhere around the
world, our Soldiers served willingly and nobly answered our Nation's call. Through their
support, their Families have served, too, and equally deserve our respect and

Every one of our Soldiers, Veterans and their Families have selflessly devoted
themselves to serving our great Nation. Their gifts are many. This Veterans Day, we
encourage you to say thank you to those individuals who have worn the Soldier's
uniform. At the same time, please continue to honor our fallen , our Wounded Warriors
and those who still serve in defense of our country and its principles.