MISSION Provides reconnaissance, surveillance, target acquisition (RSTA), and force protection for the battalion commander and below during day/night operations.DESCRIPTION The RQ-11B Raven is a Small Unmanned Aircraft System (SUAS). It is a hand-launched system capable of 90 minutes of flight time with an operational range of approximately ten kilometers. The Raven system comprises three air vehicles, a ground control station (GCS), a remote video terminal (identical to GCS), two gimbaled payloads that combine high quality color electro-optical (EO) and infrared (IR) imaging sensors with a laser illuminator, aircraft and GCS batteries, chargers, a field repair kit, and a spares package. The gimbaled payloads are currently being fielded to replace the older fixed EO and IR payloads. Raven's normal operational altitude is 500 feet or lower. The system, aircraft and ground control station, is assembled by operators in approximately five minutes. The aircraft has a wingspan of 4.5 feet and weighs 4.2 pounds. A hand controller displays live video and aircraft status. Mission planning is performed on the hand controller or ruggedized laptop running Portable Flight Planning Software/Falcon View flight planning software with maps and Digital Terrain Elevation Data. Aircraft flight modes include fully autonomous navigation, altitude hold, loiter, manual control and return home. In-flight re-tasking and auto-loiter at sensor payload point of interest are also available. Raven incorporates secure Global Positioning System navigation. The Rucksack Portable UAS Product Improvement Program Increment II Capability Production Document (CPD) was approved in November 2013 and will provide improved flexibility and capability for maneuver units. The CPD defines three system of varying size and capability: Short Range Micro, Medium Range Mobile, and Long Range Reconnaissance System.The Raven is operated by two Soldiers and has a rucksack-portable design. No specific military occupational specialty is required. Operator training is ten days.SYSTEM INTERDEPENDENCIES NonePROGRAM STATUS • Current: Continuing fielding and transitioning to sustainment. • Current: Operational in contingency operations worldwide. • Current: Developing and testing a Tactical Open Government Architecture (TOGA) Controller for SUAS.PROJECTED ACTIVITIES (FY 15 -- 16) • Continue fielding Raven gimbaled payloads. • Field Tactical Open Government Architecture (TOGA) Controller. • Possible system upgrade in FY 15 to accommodate the potential US government spectrum resale.FOREIGN MILITARY SALES Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Kenya, Lebanon, Macedonia, Romania, Uganda, Uzbekistan, YemenCONTRACTORS AeroVironment, Inc. (Monrovia, CA) Altavian, Inc. (Gainesville, Florida) Innovation Automation Technologies, LLC (Gainesville, Florida) Lockheed Martin Corporation (Owego, NY) Elbit Systems of America, LLC (Ft. Worth, TX) Bosh Global Services (Newport News, VA)