MISSION Supports a full spectrum of operations including disaster relief, homeland defense and security, and current overseas contingency operations with a Future Force system design.DESCRIPTION The CH-47F is the Army's only heavy-lift cargo helicopter supporting critical combat and non-combat operations. The CH-47F aircraft has a suite of improved features such as an upgraded digital cockpit featuring the Common Avionics Architecture System (CAAS), a new monolithic airframe with vibration reduction, and the Digital Automatic Flight Control System (DAFCS), which provides coupled controllability for operations in adverse environments (reduced visibility, brown out, high winds). The CH-47F's common cockpit enables multiservice digital compatibility and interoperability for improved situational awareness, mission performance, and survivability, as well as future growth potential. The CH-47F has an empty weight of 24,578 pounds and a maximum gross weight of 50,000 pounds. The CH-47F can lift intra-theater payloads up to 16,000 pounds in high/hot environments.Max gross weight: 50,000 pounds Max cruise speed: 160 knots Troop capacity: 36 (33 troops plus three crew members) Litter capacity: 24 Sling-load capacity: 26,000 pounds center hook, 17,000 pounds forward/aft hook, 25,000 pounds tandem Minimum crew: three (pilot, copilot, and flight engineer)SYSTEM INTERDEPENDENCIES ARC-231, BFT, CXP (APX-118), CXP (APX-123), IDM, AMPSPROGRAM STATUS • 2QFY07: Completed initial operational testing • 4QFY07: First Unit Equipped • 1QFY08: Multi-year procurement contract awarded • 3QFY12: 11 units equippedPROJECTED ACTIVITIES • FY13: Multi-year II contract award • 1QFY18: Complete CH-47F fieldingFOREIGN MILITARY SALES NoneCONTRACTORS Aircraft and Recap: Boeing (Philadelphia, PA) Engine: Honeywell (Phoenix, AZ) Software: Rockwell Collins (Cedar Rapids, IA) Engine Controls: Goodrich (Danbury, CT)