"Is that a real person talking to us or is that a hologram'"

"No, I think it is a hologram, but it is sure lifelike."

Those are just a few of the comments heard outside the Army Sustainment Command's exhibit booth at the 2008 Association of the United States Army annual meeting and exposition held Oct. 6-8 in Washington D.C.

ASC's booth utilized cutting edge technology implemented by PeopleVision, a contractor out of New Jersey. The display depicted ASC's missions and transformed them into a Soldier hologram similar to the ones seen in science fiction movies. Staff Sgt. Ready and Col. Ready presented two-minute briefings on ASC to everyone passing by the booth.

In addition to the holograms, Maj. Matthew A. Giertz, deputy, Army Force Generation Integration division in the Distribution Management Center, served as the subject matter expert for ASC, and was on hand to answer any questions from visitors.

"It was great to represent ASC and talk to Soldiers and people outside the AMC community," said Giertz. "A lot of people were familiar with ASC but were unaware of the full scope of the missions and principal responsibilities performed by ASC."

ASC's hologram booth was integrated into AMC's overall display. The 70-by 60-foot booth encompassed many of AMC's subordinate commands. Inside, visitors could interact with equipment and talk to subject matter experts. Maj. Gen Robert M. Radin, commanding general of the U.S. Army Sustainment Command, hosted a table for local area congressional staffers at a AUSA-sponsored breakfast on the second day of the event. After the breakfast, Radin gave staffers a tour of the ASC and AMC booth, highlighting ASC's pivotal role in Soldier support.

"I think it is important for us to show the staffers not only our part of the booth, but all of AMC," Radin said. "ASC serves as AMC's single face to the field by integrating Acquisition, Logistics and Technology support from the strategic to tactical level." "The congressional staff delegation was able to walk away with a better idea of how ASC integrates with all of AMC's life cycle management commands. They realized that even though ASC is on an island in the middle of the Mississippi, we reach out and touch Soldiers at every corner of the world," explained Radin.