YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea -- The Yongsan Army Community Services (ACS) "took back the night" with their march conducted under the purpose to stand up against domestic violence for service members and their families here, Oct. 15.Take Back the Night, originally an international event with the mission of ending sexual violence in all forms, has been recognized in the Garrison as a way to raise awareness against domestic violence. Usually taking forms as marches, rallies and vigils, the ACS chose the USAG Yongsan's "Take Back the Night" event as a march around the post. Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Hodgkins joined the occasion to give an introductory announcement on the true meanings and the importance of "Taking back the Night.""Tonight, we are here to remember those who have suffered," Command Sgt. Maj. Hodgkins said. "Tonight we must send a message to the victims and the potential victims that they must stand up against domestic violence, and to the attackers and the potential ones that they shall not commit a crime."The event took off at Collier Field No. 7, with more than 100 people participating. Each one of them wore a fluorescent sticks on their necks instead of the traditional candlelight as a symbol; a symbol to commemorate the lives of the victims of domestic violence and to make sure there be no more incidents as such. The front of the long parade was a military police vehicle and a bagpipe player to raise awareness to residents of the Garrison.From the fire station, through the Embassy Club, until the ACS building, the ACS employees alerted the attendees through reciting the actual victims' cases. The signs, set up on the course, took an expected figure of the actual victim to raise awareness of the potential threats that the service members might currently be facing. The figures each contained a different case such as the experience of Leslie Morgan Steiner (survivor), and Travis Alexander (murdered).The march was wrapped up in front of the ACS, with a giveaway of various gifts as a sign of gratitude for the people who have fought with the promoters throughout the night against domestic violence. With more than 200 people gathered on the course, the ACS certainly "took back the night."