CONTINGENCY OPERATING BASE ADDER, Iraq - The Iraqi Army's Regional Training Center at Camp Ur, near Contingency Operating Base Adder in southern Iraq, produced enough troops to fill a battalion during the basic enlisted training and officer course graduations Oct. 15.

The two courses produced approximately 800 new Iraqi soldiers, of which the majority were enlisted. The training center also produced its first class of officers.

"The 16-week training course was long and difficult for these new officers," said Iraqi Brig. Gen. Arif, the commander of the Regional Training Center. "The results will be that the Iraqi Army will benefit from the addition of these officers and the future of the Iraqi Army is bright and promising."

A select few of those bright and promising new officers received certificates of achievement for graduating at the top percentage of their classes.

The soldiers and officers are being assigned to Iraqi Army units throughout southern Iraq, and bringing new training concepts and skills with them.