JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO (October 28, 2014) - - The U.S. Army Installation Command recently completed on-site special training events for the winners of the 2014 Exemplary Workforce Development Award contest.Trainers from the School for Family and MWR on Fort Sam Houston, Texas, completed site visits to U.S. Army Garrisons Miami, Stuttgart and Hawaii, Fort Knox, and the Shades of Green Resort at Walt Disney World to deliver 2- or 3-day high-intensity training sessions to non-appropriated fund employees as part of their award."We really enjoyed the school's two training presentations," said Sheryl Byrd, director of Family & MWR programs and services at U.S. Army Garrison Miami. "I attended both sessions and the instructor was awesome. I just sat back and watched my staff laugh, interact and play well in the sandbox. It was refreshing and nice to see."Each winning organization was also awarded a $2,000 grant to reimburse for workforce development. The money can be used by garrison management to defray the cost for offsite training or to bring someone from outside the Army to train members of the NAF team."Stuttgart has won every year this competition has been open," said Dr. Patricia Tucker, Director of the School for Family and MWR. "That's six consecutive awards for excellence -- an impressive display of their commitment.""We're pleased we can recognize each of our winners through this contest," said Tucker. "Our program encourages NAF employees to continue to provide valuable services to our Soldiers and Family members. We are thrilled to highlight the achievement of excellence whenever and wherever possible."Each year, IMCOM asks garrisons to self-nominate on a select criterion in workforce performance. This year's training topics included Responding to Change and Time Management."This has been a heated contest in years-past and gives us a new way to review best practices," said Tucker. "I can't wait to see what they put together for the next submissions."While the data call for the fiscal year 2015 contest will not start until the end of the second quarter, Dr. Tucker gave a heads up on the new criteria."Think about several examples at your garrison of how employees have applied the learning from the school's virtual classroom courses in the program manager's Curriculum," she said. "Garrisons will need to have several employees enrolled at the school to make a substantive submission this year."Also, one of the key components of customer service excellence is a reward and recognition program tied to customer service excellence, she said."There are many fine recognition programs in place," said Tucker. "Many have no direct link to providing superior customer service. We're going to change that."Garrisons can find out more by contacting Patricia Tucker at