KYOGAMISAKI SUB-BASE, Japan-The 14th Missile Defense Battery, 100th Missile Defense Brigade, 94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command, was activated, Oct. 22, 2014, during a ceremony at Kyogamisaki, Japan.The 14th MDB is the new home to an Army Navy/Transportable Radar Surveillance -- Model 2 radar, which is an important asset in the Pacific region's integrated air missile defense plan."The 14th Missile Defense Battery activation is significant in that it shows the U.S. and Japanese Governments' commitment to the alliance and stability in the Pacific region," said Maj. Jason E. Albright, the commander of the 14th MDB.The14th MDB mission is to provide long-range detection, tracking classification, and discrimination of strategic and theater ballistic missile threats in support of the United States Pacific Command's area of responsibility and homeland defense."When I say homeland defense I am referring to both the United States and Japanese homeland," said Albright. "The AN/TPY-2 radar is providing critical data that is used by both countries' ballistic missile defense systems." The installation of the additional radar is an example of the strong partnership between the United States and Japan."There is no better demonstration of America's commitment to the Pacific region's security than the cooperation between 94th Army Air Missile Defense Command Soldiers and our Japanese partners in this mission," said Brig. Gen. Eric L. Sanchez, the 94th AAMDC commanding general.The 14th MDB partnership branches beyond just their Japanese military counterparts, but also to the local community."The battery has an outstanding partnership with the local community and the local community fully supports the battery mission," said Albright. "Lt. Col. Takeuchi, the commander of the 35th Air Control and Warning Squadron, has been a gracious host and has provided detailed planning support above and beyond what we could hope for."The local community leaders have also welcomed us into their communities and attended the activation ceremony in large numbers. Overall the partnership has really made this assignment rewarding for our Soldiers and made the activation ceremony a truly outstanding event."The activation ceremony officially recognizes the new unit and highlights the installation of the radar, but for Soldiers of the 14th MDB it also represents a commitment to cultural exchange and outreach."I look forward to developing strong bonds and forming one team that will promote peace and stability in the Pacific region, strengthen the alliance between Japan and the United States and improve the lives of Soldiers and local citizens through cultural exchange and community outreach programs," shared Albright.