FORT RUCKER, Ala. (Army News Service, Jan. 16, 2007) - The knowledge center for all accidental loss is expanding its reach with the production of the U.S. Army's official safety magazine, "Knowledge."

The U.S Army Combat Readiness Center developed the new magazine in response to the continuing safety cultural transformation occurring Army-wide, enabling units to become more predictive and proactive through a growing understanding and identification of accident trends.

"The U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center is committed to supporting this cultural transformation by ensuring our leaders, Soldiers and Army members are current on safety issues, trends, loss data, leadership tools and lessons learned so that each can engage in saving lives," said Brig. Gen. Bill Forrester, director of Army Safety and Commanding Officer of the USACRC.

Previously, USACRC published three separate publications specifically highlighting safety in one of three areas: aviation, ground or off-duty. "Knowledge" merges the three publications into one.

"The three magazines that were previously developed ("Impax," "Flightfax" and "Countermeasure") will now be merged into one magazine that will provide valuable information and lessons learned to every member of our Army team," said Forrester.

Beginning this month, "Knowledge" will be published monthly and distributed online at the USACRC's homepage at, or through postal mail by request.

"Our goal is for our Army's forces to become more predictive," said Forrester. "We have seen in this past fiscal year that Soldiers' and leaders' engagement, combined with loss-awareness and innovative programs, directly contributes to saving lives. With that in mind, the USACRC remains committed to providing the most current, up-to-date "Knowledge" to continue making a difference."

To subscribe, send an email to or call (334) 255-2062.