Fort A.P. Hill Fire Medics seize opportunity to help accident victim

By Michael Meisberger, A.P. HillOctober 15, 2014

New Fire Medic Peter M. Orioles (left) and Fire Medic Dana A. Nichols were each given a commander's coin for their selfless service and quick response at the scene of an traffic accident off post.
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FORT A.P. HILL, Va. -- Fire Medic Peter M. Orioles was returning from an ambulance training run to Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center in Spotsylvania County around 4 p.m. on Oct. 9 when he and his partner, Fire Medic Dana A. Nichols, came upon a traffic accident at the intersection of Tidewater Trail and Thornton Road in Spotsylvania County.

Orioles is the newest firefighter and Intermediate Life Support medic at Fort A.P. Hill. Part of his indoctrination is to learn the routes to the nearby medical centers.

"We pulled up behind a tractor trailer and thought we were waiting for a school bus," Nichols said. "When we pulled up a little further, we saw a motorcycle lying on its side with two people kneeling next to the rider. That's when it clicked for us, the accident had just occurred. We hit the lights and went to work."

The two firefighters stayed on scene until Spotsylvania County Fire and Emergency Services arrived and took over patient care.

U.S. Army Garrison Fort A.P. Hill commander Lt. Col. David A. Meyer recognized the two firefighters before the garrison command and staff meeting on Oct. 14.

"The call came in backwards, usually the county asks for help from us. This time, it was our guys, out in the county, asking for help from the county," Meyers said.

Meyer thanked the two firefighters and gave each a commander's coin for their selfless service and quick response at the accident scene.

Firefighter Orioles summed up his feelings on the day and being at Fort A.P. Hill.

"I just received an award after being here for three days; I think I am going to like this place."

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