COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Children cheered and wore smiles as they rotated through team-building activities led by Soldiers of 2nd Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment, 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, at Piñon Valley Elementary School, Oct. 3."It's our first annual 'Run with the Wolves' event and our big fundraiser of the school year," said Theresa Wilmot, Parent Teacher Organization president, Piñon Valley Elementary School. "What we're trying to do is get the kids excited about giving money to the school so that we can give it to their classes and their teachers."Volunteers from Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers guided the children from kindergarten through sixth grade in fitness activities like dodge ball, tug of war, obstacle course and a team foot-race. "I wanted to help some kids, get outside and do something a little bit different," said Pfc. Ian Wood, health care specialist, Headquarters and Headquarters Troop, 2nd Sqdn., 1st Cav. Reg., 1st SBCT, 4th Inf. Div. "I don't have any kids of my own so I enjoy getting to work with them at any opportunity." Even though the children grossly outnumbered the Soldiers, fun and order were maintained throughout the course of the event."We completely needed them today. They did an amazing job and got the kids excited," said Wilmot. "We're hoping to keep this relationship longstanding from here on out because it was wonderful." Sgt. 1st Class Corey Martin, assistant operations noncommissioned officer in charge, 2nd Sqdn., 1st Cav. Reg., 1st SBCT, 4th Inf. Div., said the Soldiers will continue to volunteer at Piñon Valley Elementary School and plan to show off a static display of Strykers at the school on Veterans Day. "Any chance you get to work with kids and the local community is always a good time," said Martin. "The kids love us being here, the teachers are very thankful for us helping out and we look forward to more and more as the year goes on."