Every Soldier is encouraged to use teamwork to accomplish the mission successfully no matter how hard it is. In combat, the need for teamwork increases greatly.

During the War Path I exercise at Camp Casey, 210th Fires Brigade's Thunder Inn Dining Facility Soldiers received reinforcement from Headquarters and Headquarters Support Company, Division Special Troops Battalion's Kilbourne Dining Facility at Camp Red Cloud.

The facility's patronage increased dramatically due to the exercise since the Division's main Tactical Operations Center was set up right next to the Thunder Inn.

To help ease the extra workload, Sgt. Helthor Cubangbang and six Warriors from Kilbourne Dining Facility, were dispatched Sept. 30 and helped Thunder Inn until Oct. 11.

"I was sent to shift with the Camp Red Cloud staff in order to show them the standards of what we expected," said Spc. Anthony Branch, Company E, 1st Battalion, 43rd Air Defense Artillery Regiment, 210th Fires Brigade. "Overall, as we wished, CRC members' work was awesome. We got the job done. We met the standards.

No matter how many Soldiers came through the door, we supplied their needs."

During this mission, Soldiers from both units taught each other.

"I think the strongest part of Thunder Inn members is teamwork," said Spc. Barry Brock, HHSC, DSTB. "They stick together. They have strong bonds with each other and know a lot about each other, and each one of them is cool to us. It helped in creating a teamwork atmosphere."

According to Branch, at the end of the exercise, CRC Soldiers not only met the Thunder Inn's standards, but exceeded them. He said he admired their professionalism.

"Each person was assigned to an area and they got the food out and prepared the food on time," said Branch. "They accomplished the mission."

"I think the strongest point of Thunder Inn D-Fac was leadership," said Spc. Susan Molnar, HHSC, DSTB. "I really appreciate Sgt. 1st Class (Ramonia) Brown. She taught me a lot, such as a new way of cooking. She is a good leader, good manager."

"We are grateful for the CRC team's work," said Brown, Thunder Inn manager and Noncommissioned Officer in Charge. "They fit my standard. They worked really hard and we are grateful for that. I hope they are coming again for War Path II, too."

"Since they've been here, they were always, no matter how hard the time, still coming and being motivated," she continued. "That's teamwork, all in one; stay motivated.