FORT BENNING, Ga., (Oct. 8, 2104) -- One of Fort Benning's contractors was recently recognized as the top support contractor in Installation Management Command.

Tiya Support Services, which is responsible for much of the day-to-day maintenance of buildings and facilities on Fort Benning, was awarded the IMCOM 2013 Support Contractor of the Year award during a ceremony Sept. 25 on post.

Mike Resty, Tiya program manager, said the award helps to show Tiya's dedication to serving Soldiers.

"We were absolutely thrilled because it's a recognition of the quality of work that our employees perform every single day for Soldiers," Resty said. "Our message to the workforce is whatever we do, whether it's working in the barracks for a Soldier or fixing something in an office for a civilian, it ultimately comes down to touching Soldiers."

Tiya has been a Directorate of Public Works contractor since fall 2010, and handles a variety of maintenance needs on post.

"Not only do we handle service orders and preventive maintenance, we also tackle major repairs like the renovation of the Hall of Heroes, which is dedicated to honoring fallen Soldiers and their Families," Resty said. "It's really a whole variety of things that we are be called upon to assist the post with its mission."

Kirk Ticknor, chief of the DPW's Operations and Maintenance Division, said Tiya's success is a reflection of the good things going on at Fort Benning.

"Tiya and their management team are true partners," Ticknor said. "It's not only a win for them but it's a win for DPW. We were thrilled because there's only one contractor chosen for IMCOM worldwide per year. That's a great reflection on Fort Benning."

Resty said none of this would be possible without the close relationship between Tiya and DPW.

"I consider myself and the rest of the team to be an integral part of DPW," Resty said. "We feel that we are an extension of that organization because of the tone of cooperation set by the Director of Public Works and his staff. But, to be recognized as the best in the Army is humbling and exciting for our team members. We're extremely proud to be at Fort Benning and to continue to serve Soldiers. It's just an extremely proud moment for the whole organization. We hope to continue this for the foreseeable future. There is nothing more rewarding than to be with Soldiers and take care of Soldiers on a day-to-day basis."