JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD, Wash. - The 7th Infantry Division held a ceremony Sept. 25 on JBLM Lewis North to stand up a new unit, as the Army brings back division artillery to the ranks and capabilities of its divisions.The 2nd Infantry Division Artillery (DIVARTY) is part of 7th Infantry Division, but the name of the artillery headquarters reflects its relationship to 2nd Infantry Division, based in South Korea.The DIVARTY picks up training and development responsibility for JBLM artillery battalions assigned to both 2-2 and 3-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Teams.Col. Philip Raymond, commander, 2nd Infantry DIVARTY, said his unit will also oversee training and development for another two artillery units stationed in Alaska."The DIVARTY will provide this division with a fires headquarters that can integrate joint assets at the operational level and provide the commanders those fires tools they need to shape their fight, overwhelm at the decisive point and win," said Raymond in his ceremonial address.The Army is re-creating the DIVARTY model it once had, as it restructures after wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. When deployed, artillery units often went as part of larger combat brigades. Artillery Soldiers focused less on artillery engagements and instead conducted missions such as patrolling in populated areas to gather information.The DIVARTYs put aside during the peak of the wars are returning, since soldiers are no longer locked into deployment cycles. "These senior representatives train, mentor and provide guidance and precision to those artillery battalions in the formation, and also to division commanders and their staff to ensure they're able to provide fires and effects on the battlefield," said Maj. Gen. Terry Ferrell, commander, 7th Infantry Division.The 2nd Infantry DIVARTY will also have responsibilities on the Korean Peninsula. Its headquarters would be with some of the first called for combat missions if war returned between North and South Korea.With artillery units going back to a focus on missions requiring the big guns, the DIVARTY role is to make sure the artillery Soldiers are ready.