VICKSBURG, Miss. - The 412th Theater Engineer Command paid final respects to Army Reserve Lt. Col. Shane Galster for his service and sacrifice to the Army, Sept. 21 at the George A. Morris Army Reserve Center in Vicksburg, Mississippi.Galster, who was a member of the 412th's deployable command post as the operations officer, passed away from natural causes June 3. A memorial service was held by the 412th TEC as gratitude for a life of service.Galster culminated 32 years of service to his country. Maj. Gen. Tracy A. Thompson, 412th TEC commanding general said less than one percent serve in the military and fewer stay in more than one term."Thirty-two years of service, not too many can say that," said Thompson.Galster was the epitome of life-long devotion to uphold the ideals of a nation now down to a final farewell. Soldiers gathered to honor their brother-in-arms.A hush fell on the crowd as members of Galster's family were escorted in. His wife, SunA and stepdaughter, Kim Yoon, along with his father, Don and brothers Sheldon and Shannon took seats of honor as music began to play.Col. Tim Samorajski, chaplain, 412th TEC, said we must acknowledge the life Shane lived."Sometimes we forget how precious and unique each person is," said Samorajski. "We all change the world a little bit."The service included roll call, a 21-gun salute, the playing of taps and at the end, two by two, Soldiers marched forward for a final salute and farewell.Command Sgt. Maj. Ronald Flubacher, senior enlisted advisor, 412th TEC, who performed the final roll call, said it provides a one moment where the Soldier does not answer "present," thus signifying they are no longer with us.Chief Warrant Officer 5 Carlos Jimenez, command chief warrant officer, 412th TEC, who did a majority of the coordination for the service said he took an appreciative view of getting this done professionally, because Galster was one of ours."I wanted to spear head this for several reasons," said Jimenez. "Because he's a fallen Soldier of ours. We owe him the utmost respect in protocol and military honors. Secondly, we owe it to his family as this is their last function tied to the Army.""I think we need to remember his life and service to the Army, the country and to his family," said Flubacher. "This memorial service is the final event in Galster's military career and the purpose is to close out that career with the military family and his own family."Samorajski said in closing, we must acknowledge the hope of seeing him again. Galster, who was avid outdoorsman was often seen with a rucksack on his back saying, 'I'm going to see what's out there. I don't want to miss a thing.'