SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii - Customers who live, work, train or play on U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii (USAG-HI) will have an opportunity to provide detailed feedback about garrison services. The Army's Installation Management Command (IMCOM) will be releasing its Customer Assessment Survey, which will be used to evaluate and improve the delivery of garrison services and programs to our Soldiers and families.

While the Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) system captures individual customer satisfaction data from a single provider and a single transaction, the assessment survey will capture broader data.

The survey is divided into two main categories, corporate and constituent. When customers begin the survey, they will be asked to provide demographic data that will automatically direct them to the appropriate set of corporate or constituent questions. In this way, customers won't be asked to rate services that wouldn't apply to them. For example, family members or retirees will not be asked to rate the Central Issue Facility or the Ammunition Supply Point - two services used by Soldiers and their commanders.

Within the survey, customers will be asked to rate services by both performance and importance using a scale of 1 (very poor) to 5 (excellent). This allows customers to rate how well the services they receive match their expectations.

IMCOM will consolidate the assessment data from each installation and begin analysis after the survey window closes. The USAG-HI data will be sent to Customer Management Services in the Plans, Analysis, and Integration Office for a more detailed analysis. The results will be reported to the garrison commander as a tool for determining what is most important to the community and the unit leadership. Additionally, the results will be reported back to the community so customers will know how their opinion compares to other people who took the survey.

The ultimate goal is to provide the best quality of service within the garrison. If services that customers want are provided well, then the garrison is doing the right things to support Soldiers, families and the community.

The Customer Assessment Survey will be available to customers from Oct. 20-Nov. 7 at

For more information about the survey, contact the Customer Management Services office at or call 808-655-9033.