The Ready Army motto helps instill preparedness in Soldiers, Families and community members. In this modern age, there are more ways than ever to be informed by connecting with various organizations online and on mobile devices.Here is a round-up of various safety apps, sites and suggestions to be better informed in the event of severe weather or other disaster.On Fort Leonard Wood Severe Weather Desktop Alert Sign Up -- Ensure you and your Family are notified of Severe Weather notifications while you are deployed or at work. For notification by email, text message, or automated phone call visit: mobile In addition to Fort Leonard Wood's Desktop Alert messaging, consider signing up for Code RED alerts. The city of Waynesville recently purchased the Code RED Emergency Notification System to alert citizens in the case of an emergency or urgent notification. The Code RED system is geographically based and allows the city to alert citizens based on their location with a pre-recorded message about the specific situation and if any action is necessary. Sign-up pages and information can be found at: Consider downloading some of these apps to be better equipped in the event of severe weather."Tornado" by American Red Cross is a free app for Apple and Android devices that provides real time alerts, shelter locations and more. It also includes tips and views of past tornadic activity by area. The American Red Cross also has a free First Aid app that guides users through basic care of non-critical conditions.Another helpful first aid app is the American Heart Association's "Hands-Free CPR" app. Free for Android and Apple devices, the app walks users through what to do after calling 911.The Federal Emergency Management Association also has a free app that provides tips for preparation, as well as recovery in the event of a disaster. Search "FEMA" in the Apple or Android store.Weather apps, like free Intellicast or KY3's weather app, provide severe weather notifications in addition to forecasts. A person can program multiple locations to keep track of the weather in different areas around the globe.One might also consider downloading his or her insurance company's app as a means to stay connected, make insurance claims or perform other transactions if need be.Out of all of these are suggestions, use what is best for your situation and where you live. Involve the entire Family in preparedness, and always remember one thing, you can never be too ready.The Emergency Management Office will have a display and laptop available at Clarke Library from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each Saturday in September to assist the Fort Leonard Wood population with information, hand-outs and assistance in self registration into the Desktop Alert Notification system. All military, civilian, Family Readiness Groups, and kids are welcome to stop by and visit.For more information on National Preparedness Month, call Emergency Management at 563.7909.(Editor's note: Carney is a Fort Leonard Wood emergency management specialist.)