CAMP ZAMA, Japan (Sept. 5, 2014) -- Sexual Harassment Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) training was conducted on Sept. 2 at the Camp Zama Chapel, here.

Russell Strand, chief of the Behavioral Sciences Educational and Training Division, U.S. Army Military Police School, talked to several of Camp Zama's senior leaders, Soldiers and Department of the Army Civilians about sexual harassment and assault in the workplace.

"I believe that sexual harassment… almost always precedes to sexual assault," said Strand.

The leaders need to take responsibility, and intervene at the earliest moments within their own units or organizations, platoons and squads continued Strand.

An important message today is "mutual respect for everyone", said Strand.

The training is meant to help identify what some of the difficulties and problems, and Stands hopes to highlight some of the solutions at the end of the training.

"Over the next several years what we going to have to do is continue increasing reports, (and) holding offenders accountable," said Strand, "changing our culture to where we don't accept this type of behavior, even pre-sexual assault behaviors."