YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea Aca,!" A local private organization donated 50 million Korean Won, about $36,000, Oct. 8 to directly support the 2008 Yongsan Fall Festival.

Hwang Moo-young, president of People to People New Seoul Chapter, presented the donation to USAG-Yongsan Commander Col. Dave Hall .

"People to People New Seoul Chapter has been supportive of the Good Neighbor events that strengthen the relationship between the United States and the Republic of Korea," Hwang said. "For almost 20 years, the New Seoul Chapter has supported various major events to make Korea a more comfortable and enjoyable place for the U.S. Soldiers."

The Fall Festival is billed as the biggest community event of the year, complete with an opening parade, games, Korean celebrity entertainers, and closing fireworks.

The PTP donation supported more than U.S. Servicemembers. "It is the ground where the people of both nations come together and interact," Hwang said.

"I expect that many Korean citizens would visit and enjoy this festival and watch the real side of the U.S. Soldiers, that they are not strangers but our neighbors, and understand what they actually do in Korea," Hwang continued. "Expanding the people's awareness of our neighbors is one of the purposes that follow the spirit of our organization."

PTP is a nonpolitical, nongovernment, private organization that has promoted United States and Republic of Korea relations since 1990.

Hall told Hwang, "What your organization does for our Soldiers, their families and children is immeasurable. This is a great partnership."

Hall said because of PTP's support, many annual communitywide events would not happen.

This year, the New Seoul Chapter has donated about 150 million Korean Won - about $106,000 - to support morale-boosting activities, such as the annual Super Bowl Party, U.S.-KATUSA Friendship Week, Fourth of July celebration and various other community events.