The U.S. Army amplifies its promotion of the importance of resilience building and suicide awareness within the Army profession during the entire month of September. This year's theme is Enhancing Resiliency -- Strengthening Our Professionals.The nation's observance of Suicide Prevention Week is Sept. 8 through 14. The Army continues to build upon the lessons learned and potential best practices from its ongoing Ready and Resilient campaign effort to reduce the incidence of suicide while building resilience, strengthening the Army professionals and sustaining readiness across the Total Army. Leaders will continuously execute activities and events that build resiliency and promote education and awareness of prevention, intervention and training that support the Army Total Force Policy.To promote the Army Suicide Prevention Program efforts, the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1, Army Resiliency Directorate (ARD) published an ALARACT, Tri-Signed Letter, and a list of recommended activities for installations to engage in. Communications efforts include: senior leader public service announcements, senior leader talking points, video testimonials, social media events, and internal/ external media stories. The Army encourages leaders to conduct similar efforts and activities within their commands.Army senior leaders expect commanders to, conduct and ensure annual suicide prevention training as required in AR 350-1, continuously execute activities and events for Soldiers, Army civilians and family members that build resiliency and promote awareness of suicide prevention and intervention and challenge and empower all members of the Total Army to build resilience and then intervene and act when necessary to save lives, in order to strengthen the individual, their units and the Army.