Labor Day celebrates the achievements of the American worker and their profound
impact in the development of our Nation. It is a day where we, as Americans, can truly
appreciate how far we have come as a country. While many of us welcome the long
weekend as a reprieve from work, we often forget that it is also a celebration of the
American workforce. As you contemplate your activities for this upcoming holiday
weekend, please take a moment to reflect on all who have helped us achieve the worldclass
status our Nation enjoys today.

When planning other activities, as always, keep safety in mind. Continued warm
weather will encourage many to participate in popular outdoor activities. Unfortunately,
the Labor Day weekend is often spoiled by accidents. Practicing good risk management
techniques is a sure way to have a safe and enjoyable weekend.

Even with the advances in vehicles and their numerous safety features, driving is still
one of the most dangerous activities in the United States. The National Safety Council
estimates 400 fatalities for Labor Day Weekend. Let's not be a part of that statistic. Be
aware that many local area schools have started class, so maintain awareness of school
zones and new schools along your commuting route. If you plan to travel, prepare
yourself, your family, and your vehicle for the journey ahead. Plan your route; allow extra
time for your trip taking into account increased traffic on the roads; and stop periodically to
rest. Don't drink and drive! Be aware of the potential hazards, and drive sensibly and
defensively. And remember to use your safety belt and insist that your passengers use

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every member of the Army Materiel
Family for your continued hard work and dedication in providing advanced equipment and
materiel solutions for our deployed men and women each day. I ask that you continue to
keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

Have a SAFE Labor Day weekend!

General, USA