COB ADDER, Iraq - Iraqi Special Weapons and Tactics units arrested two suspected criminals in Maysan Province and one in Dhi Qar Province Oct. 2 in a series of successful combined operations in southern Iraq.

"The operation we executed with the Iraqi Police and Coalition forces early this morning in Nasiriyah was highly coordinated and professionally executed," said Maj. Gen. Sabah Saeed Mohsin al-Fatlawi, the Dhi Qar Province Directorate of Police. "We used precise targeting, respected citizens' rights and respected the welfare of innocent civilians."

Since mid-June, the Iraqi Security Forces and Coalition forces have arrested more than 50 suspected criminals and seized more than 8,500 rounds of various munitions throughout the provinces of Muthanna, Dhi Qar and Maysan.

"This type of joint coordination and control procedure is the correct method to arrest criminals and terrorists," Sabah said.

Citizens continue to provide valuable information to the security forces and assist them in the securing the area.