ANSBACH, Germany (Aug. 28, 2014) -- For most Americans, Labor Day signals the end of the summer. Children are back in school or heading there, and the majority of summer vacation attractions are starting to wind down their hours or close altogether.

Many families wrap up the summer with a final vacation, picnic or barbecue with friends. Whatever your plans are for Labor Day, don't let an accident spoil your fun. Plan your activity, identify your risks, and mitigate the hazards to ensure you and yours end the summer season on a good note.

To this end, everyone -- Soldiers, Family members and civilians -- should remember how important they are to the mission before they depart for the holiday. Leaders have an opportunity to emphasize risk management, proper planning and personal protective equipment (seat belts, helmets, goggles, and the like). These measures may prevent loss of life and serious injury.

Also, combining alcohol with water-related activities, vehicle operation, and high-risk recreational activities can have deadly consequences for everyone involved.

If holiday plans include travel, travelers should have a plan to safely arrive at and return from their travel destination. Everyone can use TRiPS (Travel Risk planning System) to help with travel plans, but it is mandatory for Soldiers. Also, leaving a copy of the travel plan and how to be reached in the event of an emergency is part of good planning.

To learn more about safety, visit the USAG Ansbach Safety Office page at or by clicking "USAG Ansbach Safety Office" in the "Related Links" section.

To register your travel plans with TRiPS, visit or click "Travel Risk Planning System" in the "Related Links" section.