CAMP ZAMA, Japan (Aug. 27, 2014) -- Twelve Soldiers and their family members participated in the "Engagement Skills Trainer Challenge", held on Aug. 23 at Sagami General Depot, here, as a part of the Camp Zama's Commander's Cup.

The Soldiers competed against one another by shooting at targets on an electronic range with a simulated M16 rifle.

The competition was completed in four rounds; a prone-supported ground, a prone-unsupported ground, a kneeling position, and a standing position. In each round, the competitors attempted to shoot up to 20 targets, for a total of 80 targets by the end of the four rounds.

Capt. Samuel Sellers, assigned to 78th Signal Battalion and winner for the male division of the competition, scored 63 targets out of the 80 targets.

Sellers brought his family along to join in on the competition. Sellers said his wife attempted to qualify with the weapon by going through the training as well.

"She really had a good time," said Sellers.

Bryan Zechman, a training instructor for G-3 U.S. Army Japan, said the family members who have never attempted the training before may have felt the training was a bit challenging; however, they did seem to enjoy the training.

"They learned something out of it," said Zechman, "I think everybody did really awesome."

Sgt. 1st Class Jozel Thorpe, assigned to 78th Signal Battalion said the training is beneficial to all Soldiers.

"Every Soldier is warrior," said Thorpe.

"Being able to be an expert marksman could (be) the difference between life and death on a battle field."