PICATINNY ARSENAL, N.J. -- The Federal Executive Board of Metropolitan Northern New Jersey recognized two Picatinny employees during the organization's annual awards recognition program in West Orange Oct. 2.

William Webber III and Mary Morgan were among more than 15 individuals who received 2008 FEB awards from the chapter.

The FEB is made up of representatives from all of the federal agencies that are located in the region. It helps Washington, D.C., and federal field offices exchange information about federal programs, management strategies and administration.

The board also encourages employee initiative and better performance through special recognition and other incentive programs and manages the region's yearly Combined Federal Campaign.

Distinguished public service

The board awarded Webber its 2008 Distinguished Public Service Award for his volunteerism in representing Picatinny and the military. Webber works for the project director for the Mortar Fire Control System under the office of Product Manager for Mortars.

Webber has voluntarily represented Picatinny and the Army at dozens of local community events and celebrations in northwestern New Jersey during the past five years.

On many weekends and holidays, he gave up his personal time to return to Picatinny to get behind the wheel of a five-ton military cargo truck towing an M198 155mm Howitzer and drove to the site of municipal parades, observances and celebrations.

More than once, he participated in multiple events on a particular day and sometimes has taken part in a few events over the same weekend.

Five years ago, in response to a request for a driver who was willing to participate in a local parade, Webber offered his voluntary services.

Since then, he has become Picatinny's unofficial ambassador to its neighboring towns. His services are in such demand that organizers often call a year in advance and ask for him by name to ensure he will be available. Because of his technical expertise, background and familiarity with Picatinny, he has made his appearances opportunities to showcase the installation and promote and publicize the work it does.

Over the last four years, Weber has represented Team Picatinny and the Army in an outstanding manner. It is not uncommon for the truck and howitzer to be pictured in local newspapers or mentioned in news articles about the event.

Because of him, the equipment is always a big hit and a center of attention at these events.

Something about Webber that is often overlooked is the fact that, to him, participating in these events on behalf of Picatinny and the Army is a labor of love. He takes great pride in what he is doing and pays careful attention to the condition and appearance of the equipment.

In addition, he views his role as that of someone who helps to make the community event an enjoyable success to those attending.

Webber's willingness to dedicate his personal time and enthusiasm to the public events in which he participates has earned Picatinny and the Army the gratitude and good will of literally thousands of citizens and dozens of municipalities. Most recently, his participation in the Liberty Science Center's "Uniformed Heroes Day" helped to make that particular event a success and showcased how Picatinny technology is helping our uniformed service members.

Woman of the year

The board awarded Morgan its 2008 Woman of the Year Award for her involvement in the federal service. Morgan works as a management assistant here in the Management Support Office for the Defense Contract Management Agency's Munitions and Support Systems - Springfield.

Some of her functions include funds control officer ensuring that the government funds are used expressly for the designated purposes. She also maintains several of the mission budgets keeping financial requirements on target. Additionally, she manages the reimbursable contracts program tracking reimbursable dollars which impact the amount of employees the agency can hire.

Morgan serves as the employee activity committee chairperson who plans and provides programs that enable the employees to keep morale on point, and she is also the Combined Federal Campaign liaison.

As a collateral duty, she serves as the special emphasis program coordinator, providing effective leadership to the programs and activities that promote and support equal opportunity for the agency's employment and program initiatives.

Morgan is a determined advocate and leader who actively encourages employees and managers to give the Equal Employment Office and Special Emphasis programs their full and genuine support in order to maintain affirmative employment.

As a result of Morgan's efforts, leadership hired individuals in the Program for Individuals with Disabilities each of the past five years. Her efforts advanced the individual's educational and professional development and promoted equal opportunities for this underrepresented group within DCMA.

Morgan has contributed significantly toward integrating the workforce by forging important relationships outside the organization that increase the agency's diversity awareness.

Additionally, Morgan is a committed advocate of the FEB Glass Ceiling Program that supports the Federal Women's Program, which is aimed at overcoming barriers to success.

Each year Morgan consistently advances the FWP objectives, and, through her considerable influence, ensures DCMA employees are provided the training requirements needed to fully promote this opportunity for women.

In addition, she serves as the registrar for another FEB program aimed at the individual professional development of women at the pay-grade level of GS07 and below.