HONOLULU -- The Performance Triad is intended to promote sleep, activity and nutrition (SAN) as the primary pillars of health, wellness and disease prevention.Track your progress this week with the SAN Midpoint Tracking Chart at the end of the challenge.How did you do compared to the Baseline and 6-Week Check-In charts? Have your SAN habits improved?If you met your goals, great! Continue to challenge yourself with new goals. If you fell short of your goals, keep trying!-- Sleep Goal Be sure to stop drinking caffeine at least six hours before going to bed.-- Activity Goal Do the math. One hundred-fifty minutes of moderate activity per week equals 30 minutes of exercise spread out over five days.You can even get health benefits by being active 10 minutes at a time. If you're short on time this week, try to get your activity in 10-minute bouts.-- Nutrition Goal Know the caffeine content of the products you consume. Do not exceed 200 mg within one hour, and do not exceed 800 mg within eight hours.Caffeine is most effective when taken in 100-mg doses, although much less may be effective for individuals who do not habitually consume caffeine.Side effects of too much caffeine include feeling sick to the stomach, anxiety, shakiness, headaches and elevated blood pressure.