Labor Day is the holiday when we celebrate and honor this great Nation's workforce. CSM Brock and I appreciate your dedication and service to MEDCOM tremendously. It is time to take a day to relax and reflect upon your hard work because every mission completed contributes directly to the readiness of the Army.

Entering the final month of this fiscal year, I must report that we have had a spike of six fatal accidents across the command in FY14. That's up five from only one in FY13. If better risk management techniques were used, all but one of these fatalities could have been prevented. Leaders must employ every available resource to minimize risk, educate our Soldiers and Civilians and prevent accidents on and off duty.

Leaders, feel free to use the Army's "Know the Signsn summer safety campaign, located at the Combat Readiness/Safety Center website to enhance your safety programs. Remind all Soldiers to have their vehicles inspected and use the automated risk assessment (TRiPS) tool if you plan to take leave, pass, TOY, or PCS. Additionally, I want all Leaders to emphasize sexual assault risks, prevention, and response in their holiday safety briefings; guidance is available at My goal is to provide a safe and healthful environment for all Soldiers, Civilians and Family Members across our command.

CSM Brock and I would like you and your Families to enjoy this holiday together by keeping safety at the forefront and making sound risk management choices. Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend. Army Safe is Army Strong.

Serving to Heal...Honored to Serve!