ARLINGTON, Va. (Aug. 21, 2014) -- The Army has rolled out a new blog series, titled Army Civilian Workforce Transformation, on the service's official blog, Army Live.

The CWT blog series will highlight Army Civilian training websites, leadership programs, professional development opportunities and other Army efforts to build upon our current Civilian workforce talent.

The first blog of the series, found at, focuses on a selection of current Civilian professional development initiatives.

"Today the Army faces decreasing budgetary resources exacerbated by years of continuing resolution and sequestration," said Scott Rowell, Civilian Workforce Transformation (CWT) Integrator.

"This fiscal uncertainty, coupled with the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and the drawdown in Afghanistan, is driving a reduction in the Army force structure. However, in the midst of this downsizing, the Army must continue to recruit, develop and retain the right Civilians with the right capabilities to support the right missions," Rowell said.