New procedures will affect some who want to visit or conduct business on Fort Leonard Wood under a new Department of Defense and Department of the Army requirement.
Under the change, some service providers and frequent visitors, not in possession of a DoD-issued photo identification card, are required to complete a background check. Driver's license scans will not be accepted as a means of entry.
The policy mostly pertains to contractors, subcontractors, vendors and individuals who visit Fort Leonard Wood at least once a week. It doesn't apply to those visiting one-time special events such as graduations, concerts and changes of command or to individuals under 18 years old.
Contractors, subcontractors and vendors should contact their companies' human resource manager or their DoD-sponsoring activity for information on the background screening and pass application process.
Passengers of DoD ID card holders are not required to obtain a pass, but will have to provide a valid photo ID at the gates.
Background checks are conducted through the National Crime Information Center law enforcement database to determine credible information that would indicate if an individual may present a threat to good order, discipline, or health and safety on Fort Leonard Wood.
Such derogatory information includes, but is not limited to, an individual's claimed identity that cannot be verified and believed the individual has submitted fraudulent information;
-- Individual has a current arrest warrant regardless of the offense or violations;
-- Individual is currently barred entry or access to a federal installation or activity;
-- Individual has been convicted of crimes encompassing sexual assault, armed robbery, rape, child molestation, production or possession of child pornography, trafficking in humans, drug possession with the intent to sell or drug distribution;
-- Individual has a United States conviction for espionage, sabotage, treason, terrorism or murder, is a registered sex offender;
-- Individual has a felony conviction within the past 10 years regardless of the offense or violation;
--Individual was convicted of a felony firearms or explosive violation or has been identified in the Terrorist Screening Database.
Contractors, subcontractors, and vendors will be denied access to Fort Leonard Wood should the above mentioned checks contain credible derogatory information and will be notified in writing via certified mail.
All others who have a frequent need to access Fort Leonard Wood may be denied access.
Those who have been denied access may request a waiver to the Fort Leonard Wood Garrison commander by complying with the instructions outline in the written notification. The Garrison commander will notify the individual in writing with a final determination.
The result of the background check will determine if access is granted or receipt of a Fort Leonard Wood pass. The length of the pass is either six or 12 months and determined by the sponsoring activity.
Contact information for DoD sponsoring activities are:
-- Directorate of Public Works (DPW): 573.596.0907;
-- Directorate of Human Resources (DHR) to include colleges and universities on post: 573.596.0131 ext. 68801;
-- Exchange: 573.329.3587;
-- Family & Morale, Welfare & Recreation (FMWR): 573.596.0143;
-- General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital: 573.596.0517;
-- Logistics Readiness Center (LRC): 573.596.0587;
-- Waynesville School District: 573.596.0131 ext. 64786;
-- Commissary: 573.596.0597.
Individuals who are not contractors, subcontractors or vendors should contact 573.596.0597.
"The safety of our personnel and visitors to the installation is a priority, and we are always evaluating our security measures to see how we can make them better," said Rick Vise, chief of the Security Operations Branch/installation physical security officer, Directorate of Emergency Services.