CAMP HUMPHREYS -- During Permanent Change of Station, or PCS, season Soldiers and their families come and go and often need household supplies to help function from day-to-day before their household goods get to where they are going.That wait can be a hassle and the Army Community Service's solution is the Lending Closet."The wait for one's household goods to finally come in is always a long one and no one can ever be sure of what items make the long trip," said Unsuk Carlton, the ACS Information, Referral, and Follow Up Program manager. "During the wait though, people still need to work, eat, and sleep every day. However, some household goods are required for everyday functioning. We have items that they can find useful during the transition."The ACS Lending Closet program has been around for quite a while and Carlton said the program runs efficiently due to the meticulous care that the ACS employees give it."We do not accept donations…that is for the thrift shop," said Carlton. "All ACS asks of its customers is that once their household goods come in, they return any items that they borrowed from the closet."She said that there are currently about 1,300 items checked out, but they have plenty in stock and more items coming. The Lending Closet has a multitude of items including blenders, mixers, crock pots, glasses, plates, and microwaves."We do not have furniture, bed sheets, or any other items like that," she said. "However, the Lending Closet does have items for parents with young children, like kangaroo straps, playpens, strollers, and more."Carlton insists that customers who have had bad experiences elsewhere should not be afraid to take advantage of this service at Camp Humphreys."Soldiers have told me that they have had bad experiences with other lending closets, but Humphreys' lending closet has wowed them," she said. "It's because, when we consider items dirty or unserviceable, we'll dispose of them. Soldiers and their families deserve better than that."One of the policies that the ACS Lending Closet has is that if borrowers use an item for more than a year, they should just keep it. But, if they only use an item for 30 to 60 days, like the average customer, then return it. This ensures that the items in the Lending Closet are clean and work well."We do not have any dirty items," Carlton said. "I challenge you to find some."For more information, visit the Main ACS (Bldg. 311) or call 753-8401.