It was like a scene from the past when military aircraft were flying into and out of Amedee Army Airfield. Sierra Army Depot loaded two systems of an 800,000 gallon per minute Fuel System Supply Point aboard six C-17 Globemaster III's bound for unknown destinations to our Soldiers in the field.

The airlifts of the FSSPs from SIAD were the first since the depot's Amedee Army Airfield was expanded and upgraded in early 2008.

The FSSP, new within the Army, is transportable fuel stations designed to store and distribute fuel on demand. The system is also designed to add fuel additives at the discretion of the operators, store and distribute different types of fuels, and filter any water or unwanted particles before issue.

This new fuel system is not only Soldier friendly, but will help the Army support missions to a greater extent than before. When the Army signed the commencement order for this new system more than one month ago, Sierra was given the responsibility to create, assemble, package, and prep for shipment a total of 44 systems.

The first six systems have been shipped or are in the process of being prepped for shipment; while the remaining 38 systems will be stored on depot until disposition instructions are received.

There are 65 main components and 50 ancillary parts of the FSSP stored in six 8-foot long triple containers (TRICON's) and six 20-foot long containers (ISO's). It takes two 600 gallons per minute (GPM) Pumps to complete the component part of the system.

Depot employees fabricate the aluminum racks and storage cases for the inside of the TRICON or ISO containers that are used for shipping and storage.