SEOUL, South Korea -- The 33rd Korean Service Corps (KSC) Company, Eighth Army, conducted a drill to test their ability to set up and run a mobilization station, at Daewang Elementary School July 29 to 31.

This year, KSC members were tasked with establishing the station to exercise their ability to process and then distribute operational equipment to mobilizing KSC personnel. They used the Real-Time Automated Personnel Identification System (RAPIDS) to help link them up with U.S. units they would support if war were to break out.

They successfully gathered and distributed 482 sets of tactical gear which is the most ever distributed during a mobilization drill. Geneva Convention Cards were issued and hot meals were served to all participating personnel exactly as would be done in a real wartime situation.

KSC members also familiarized supported units with their responsibilities and completed a full rehearsal of their Mobilization Plan.

At the conclusion of the three day training event an activation ceremony was held for the 140th Wartime KSC Company who was then transported and escorted by RoK Army convoy security personnel to a wartime link-up point.

The 33rd KSC Company is part of Eighth Army's KSC Battalion, headquartered at Camp Kim in Seoul.