DAEGU, South Korea--Soldiers of Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command, "Team 19", conduct convoy operations, July 31 to ensure mission readiness for the upcoming Ulchi Guardian Freedom Exercise this year.Soldiers drove more than 90 accident-free miles from Daegu to Pohang during the convoy, while testing the communication on Signal Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System.UFG is a military exercise between U.S. and Republic of Korea Army focused on strengthening the relationship between the U.S. Army and the Republic of Korea.Soldiers started off the operation by conducting Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services on all vehicles set to roll out. Under the instruction of HHC's executive officer, 1st Lt. Lee, Young-gyu, and the 19th ESC safety officer, Charles Ryan, they inspected each driver's license, technical manuals, and basic issue items.After PMCS, Capt. Hugh Jones, HHC Company Commander, 19th ESC gave the convoy briefing emphasizing safety on the roads in Korea. Jones also taught Soldiers the proper etiquette while using SINCGARS, as he communicated with his troops by the radios during the convoy."This is my first time doing this operation with this unit and a first to most of the Soldiers, but I am confident in their abilities to perform the mission," said Jones. "This training will be a real eye-opener for me, but I know they will finish this operation safe and sound."The convoy consisted of nine trucks and two TMPs, including six High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles and three Light Medium Tactical Vehicles as Soldiers familiarized themselves with their driving abilities and equipment along the route.Noncommissioned officer in charge, Staff Sgt. Lavan H. Dawson Jr. G-3 Area Security/Force Protection NCO, 19th ESC, explained the safety measures they took to protect Soldiers from unexpected accident."The Soldiers were to keep the vehicles at a safe distance, move to the emergency lane should something go wrong, to evade passing cars, and take the time to hydrate and stretch during the break," said Dawson.Upon the safe return of the convoy, Pvt. Keith R. Ambrose, 19th ESC, training technician, talked about summer temperatures of South Korea while participating in the training."This was my first convoy and it was fun enough, except the heat. It was too hot. However we had enough break time, which was really great and besides the heat, this training was well- organized, safe, and slow moving. We had no accidents and I want to say practice make perfect, said Ambrose.The Soldiers of HHC, 19th ESC set out to test their abilities to maintain combat readiness in the environment in which they operate, and with the success of this mission, they've proved that they are ready to do just that, no matter the distance.